The Stone Family Connection with William Mulready R.A.


by Everel Hunter


(to be found in longhand on the back of William Mulready’s portrait of the baby, Edward Mulready Stone)


Edward Mulready Stone, the subject of this drawing, was born in 1845 and was the eldest child of John Jefferies Stone and Mary Mulready Stone.   He married Alice Maria Browning and they had a family of six sons and one daughter (Muriel Frances) and lived at Cumnor, The Drive, Sydenham.   Muriel married Herbert Devas Everington in 1905, and they had two sons and one daughter, (Everel Alice), and lived at Cumnor, Sanderstead.   Everel married William Hunter in 1938 and they had a son (William Herbert) and a daughter (Jean Muriel).   William married Elizabeth Haigh in 1968 and Jean married James Dunning in 1970.


 John Jefferies Stone was at one time High Sheriff of Monmouthshire and figured in Burke’s “Landed Gentry” as Stone of Ski Borwen (The White Barn) – a house overlooking the town of Usk.   At one time he also lived at Cumnor Hall in Oxfordshire.   “Jefferies” is after an ancestor of his, the notorious “bloody Judge Jefferies”.   Mary Mulready Stone was supposedly the daughter of James and Elizabeth Leckie, though it is possible that she was the natural daughter of William Mulready R.A. by Elizabeth Leckie.   Apart from the reasons given below, there is a strong presumption that this is so from the affectionate letters to Mary Mulready, his ward, and the way in which, through her, he sends his love “to those I love”; also, my mother (Muriel Frances Everington) – when taxed about it by me, admitted having heard something to that effect when she was young, which was “hushed up!”


Herbert Devas and Muriel Frances Everington had two sons: Edward Herbert, who married Elizabeth Helen Andreae in 1956, and Geoffrey Devas, who married Laila Nissen Hovind in 1951.  Edward and Elizabeth (Buffy) had two sons, Edward Philip and Mark Stephen.   Geoffrey and Laila had seven children(!) – Kari, Michael, Sonja, Anthony, Peter, Paul, Tamara.   (They all have second Christian names, which I forget!). 


(Note on the Everington Family).


Herbert Devas Everington (incidentally, there is some connection with the Devas family) – was the youngest of the seven children of William Everington and Laura Isabella (née Long, of Dillington Hall, Norfolk).  They lived at The Lodge Farm, Castleacre, Norfolk.   William’s father, a London shawl merchant, thought he would like to try his hand at farming and settled in Norfolk, but originally the Everingtons came from Lincolnshire – see family tree.  Laura Isabella always maintained that she was descended from Sir Frances Drake through her mother, whose maiden name had been Drake!